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Using DSPC for Short Production Runs

It's not just what we make,
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Eliminate Production Tooling Forever!

For programs requiring short production runs, such as this water-cooled racing motorcycle engine program (see case study), you can benefit enormously by producing your parts entirely using DSPC exclusively:

  • Produce a part that conforms exactly to the CAD file (no draft, parting lines on both internal and external surfaces).
  • Eliminate the lead-time and the high cost of tooling (fabrication and maintenance).
  • Allow any number of modifications / design iterations to be implemented in real time.
  • Increase accuracy, consistency and repeatability, since the parts are made directly from your CAD files...

DSPC frees you from many of the constraints and concerns associated with tooling requirements for casting:

  • Draft : DSPC allows no or negative draft.
  • Parting lines: DSPC requires none.
  • Core Prints: DSPC requires none.
  • Core assemblies: DSPC makes the cores and single piece as an integral part of the casting mold.

Additional advantages include the ability to:

  • For parts with complex core cavities, enable core geometries that otherwise may not be feasible.
  • Make parts hollow to reduce weight.
  • Reduce parts count - combine several simple parts to a single complex geometry thus reducing inventory, assembly, and tolerance requirements--while increasing strength and reliability.

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