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Parts Now Program - A Unique Production Outsourcing Service

It's not just what we make,
    it's what we make possible!

Thanks to DSPC, and a successful Parts Now program, the timely production of this manifold resulted in a win at the Daytona 500 in early 1999.

At Soligen we believe that the most cost effective way to produce cast metal parts is one that ensures that the production casting tools are generated only once and right on that first time!

Enter Parts Now Programs - the first true On-Line Production Outsourcing Service for metal parts. A Parts Now program includes:

  • Fast turn around of fully functional metal part(s) is delivered in days BEFORE any tooling (pattern or core-box) is made or even designed. These parts are cast directly from the customer CAD file and enable design iterations to be fully implemented and tested bypassing the lead time and cost of cast tooling.

    "The DSPC snapshot of your design is available in days for functional testing"

  • DSPC made hybrid-casting tools: Concurrent with the testing progress and as parts of the design are "frozen for production", hybrid tools are made. These include conventional patterns with "drop-in" DSPC made sections and/or cores. The hybrid tools approach enables larger quantities of parts for testing. It also allows modifying sections of the parts under development without disposing of the casting tools. Hybrid tools progress with the part's development, and become conventional production tools as the development and testing are successfully completed.

    "Soligen's Parts Now service combines DSPC with traditional casting and CNC machining to provide a seamless transition from your CAD file to mass-production manufacturing."

  • Launching Mass Manufacturing: Concurrent with the development process a casting process and appropriate mass manufacturing foundry are identified. Our Soligen team in collaboration with the production foundry produce mass production casting tools. Soligen provides all the engineering and first article certification of the mass production line.

    "A Parts Now program ensures that the first prototype and the 10,000th production part are identical"

  • A smooth transition from CAD to conventional casting

  • A dedicated and experienced mechanical engineer is assigned by Soligen to each program as a liaison with the customer and the different vendors

  • Utilizing DSPC to produce dies, patterns and core-boxes

  • In-house foundry for short to medium production runs

  • In-house CNC machine shop

  • Joint venture agreements with other foundries to augment the Soligen on-site capabilities

Case Studies of Parts Now programs:

Water cooled exhaust manifold for Marine Engines

Race cars intake manifold - GM Motorsports

Ford Cobra R intake manifold


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