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How DSPC Works

It's not just what we make,
    it's what we make possible!

DSPC (Direct Shell Production Casting) produces the actual ceramic molds for metal castings directly from 3-D CAD designs. No tooling or patterns are required. DSPC is based on exclusive license from MIT to utilize its patented Three Dimensional Printing technology to produce the ceramic casting molds for metal casting using a layer-by-layer printing process.

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Quicktime computer video animation.

1. Receive customer file.
Design a part of virtually any shape and send the file or drawing to Soligen. Here the part is a hollow turbine blade used in a jet engine. (171 KB)


2. Add gating.
At Soligen, we first design a virtual pattern for net shape casting, including a gating system through which molten metal will flow. (209 KB)


3. Convert to a ceramic mold.
We then create a digital model of the mold and transfers the model to the DSPC system. The mold includes integral cores to produce hollow sections. (198 KB)


4. Build the actual ceramic mold.
A. The DSPC system automatically generates the mold from thin layers of ceramic powder. After lowering the previous layer, a new layer of powder is spread. (171 KB)


B. Then, liquid binder is "printed" onto the powder layer to define a cross section of the mold. (171 KB)


C. The process is repeated until the entire mold is printed. This is then fired, resulting in a rigid ceramic mold surrounded by unbound powder. (105 KB)


D. The unbound powder is removed from the mold. (215 KB)


5. Cast the mold
The last step is to fill the mold with molten metal at our foundry. After the metal solidifies, the ceramic and gating metal are removed and the part is finished, inspected and shipped. (248 KB)

0.mov Download Quicktime computer animation of DSPC process with narration. (1,036 KB)
9.mov Download Quicktime video of DSPC machine at Soligen printing mold for motorcycle cylinder. (310 KB)
  • Functional metal parts such as automotive engine blocks, heads or manifolds are produced in days (see case studies).

  • DSPC enables the postponement of the design and manufacturing of production tools until after the parts are fully tested. This increases the probability of making expensive production tooling once and correctly the first time.

DSPC is a registered trademark of Soligen, Inc.