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General Notes, Terms and Conditions

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General Notes

1. SCHEDULED SHIP DATE is determined based on the above quoted business days starting from the date of Soligen's Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA), and based on the actual shop load at Soligen at the date of POA issuance. Soligen will make all reasonable efforts to deliver within the quoted lead time. Issuance of a POA is dependent upon: i) receipt of the Customer's Purchase Order and; (ii) Customer's final CAD (STL/PRT) file and; (iii) approval by Soligen of the readability and the completeness of the CAD file. Note related items under Soligen Machining and Finishing.


  • Controlling Documentation: The cast part will conform only to the CAD (STL / PRT) file. Differences between the CAD file and other documentation may affect delivery and cost and will not apply to the parts unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to launching production.
  • Inspection: In order to perform dimensional inspection, Soligen requests finalized inspection drawings of the cast part. These drawings are for reference only; the CAD file remains the controlling documentation.
  • Machining Stock: The approved part CAD file must allow for machining stock for any feature that is to be machined. In order to allow for casting tolerances, Soligen requires machining stock of at least 3 millimeters. For parts where the CAD file does not provide adequate machining stock, Soligen may add machining stock as we deem appropriate unless specifically instructed by the Customer. While Soligen will strive to coordinate any changes for prior Customer approval, Soligen assumes no liability for inadequate or excess machine stock unless otherwise agreed and unless the Customer has provided machining drawings and/or models.
  • Filling Holes: Per standard foundry practice, Soligen may fill threads, small holes and slots unless otherwise specified.
  • Draft: DSPC does not require draft, however to allow for a smooth transition to manufacturing, please consider adding draft to your CAD file (2° for sand cast parts).
  • Minimum Wall Thickness: Should be greater than 3 millimeters unless otherwise specified.


  • Grade: Castings will be of commercial grade.
  • Tolerances: Standard ASTM sand cast tolerances apply.
  • Weld repair: Unless otherwise specified, Soligen may make weld repairs where necessary to provide sound castings.
  • Surface finish: Unless otherwise specified, parts are supplied with surface finish of 200 to 300 rms. Finer surface finish generally requires additional processing and can be provided upon special request at additional cost.
  • Straightening: For certain geometries, heat treatment may cause warpage. No straightening and/or fixtures are included in this quotation unless specified.
  • NDT: When specified, X-ray and mechanical properties testing may include selected hardness testing and test bars. If only test bars are required with no testing by Soligen, these will be provided at no charge.


  • Non Recurring Engineering (NRE) charges may include temporary (or "soft") tooling. Temporary tooling is designed to produce at least the specified quantity. If refurbishing is required for additional pieces, added charges will apply unless otherwise agreed.
  • Soligen may dispose of temporary tools after 30 days from completing the order, unless otherwise requested in writing by the Customer.


  • Final machining drawings must be received by Soligen not later than 5 business days after the POA date and not less than 12 business days prior to projected ship date. Delay of final drawings will normally delay shipment. Later modification of drawings may result in delays and additional charges.
  • If final machining drawings and requirements were not available to Soligen at the time of quotation, Soligen reserves the right to modify the machining NRE and part costs. Cost changes normally apply only where the requirements include unexpected machining steps or setups, tighter than anticipated tolerances, or special machining requirements such as honing, EDM, etc. Unexpected requirements may also delay part shipment due to the extra processing steps involved. No additional machining or finishing work will be performed unless the Customer provides written authorization for the required changes.
  • Other special requirements such as coating, anodizing, painting, NDT will also affect price and delivery if they are not anticipated and specified at the time of quotation.

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices are in U.S. dollars ($). California Sales Tax of 8.25% is included in Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) items. Other duty and taxes, if applicable, are not included.
  • Validity: This quotation is valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated and is based upon CAD or part specifications provided at time of quotation; it is subject to change upon receipt of new or updated information.
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT), test bars or certificates: Unless otherwise specified, these are not included in the above quoted price. They can be provided at additional charge.
  • Shipment is FOB Soligen's facilities in Northridge or Santa Ana, California. Shipment will be overnight and insured, unless otherwise specified in writing by the shipment date.
  • Overage: Soligen will ship up to 10% overage on any order produced off tooling (therefore excluding DSPC) unless specified to the contrary in writing on the purchase order.
  • Payment Terms - NRE: 50% of NRE charges are due with Purchase Order; balance is due on First Article completion.
  • Payment Terms - Parts: Net 30 days from shipment unless otherwise specified. Letter of Credit is required for orders / shipments outside of the USA and Canada.
  • Late Charge: A late charge of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month is due on any unpaid balance extending past the payments terms listed.