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FTP to Soligen website ("anonymous" ftp)

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In all cases when data transfer security is not dictated by the customer, sending files directly to Soligen's web server via FTP (the most popular file transfer protocol) is recommended.

Our FTP site is configured so files sent cannot be overwritten or downloaded, thus regardless if you sent it anonymous or specified a log in and password procedure with us, no external party can access your files after placed on our web site.

For anonymous FTP transfer please follow these steps:

1. Preparation for transfer

  • Verify the correctness and integrity of your CAD files.
  • Fill out an on line request for quotation (RFQ) or write a README file (.txt file) which includes the same information. Minimum information that we need to process an RFQ includes: your name, contact information (Email and telephone numbers where you could be reached), your part definition and cast and machined requirements (at least: alloy, quantity and requested delivery schedule).
  • Compress your data files using an error-correcting program such as PKZIP, GZIP or WinZip.
  • Please take the extra moment to convert any spaces in filenames to dashes or underscores.

2. Uploading CAD files via File Transfer Protocol ("anonymous" ftp)

  • Connect to our ftp site using a command prompt or an FTP program. From a Windows or Unix command prompt type ftp ftp.soligen.com and procede with the next step. From a typical FTP program, enter ftp.soligen.com for the host name/address and procede with the next step.
  • Enter "anonymous" for user login and your complete e-mail address for the password when prompted.
    User (soligen.com:yourname): anonymous
    Password: yourname@yoursystem.com
  • Change to the file upload directory:
    ftp> cd uploads
  • Tell the system to transfer in binary mode.
    ftp > bin
  • Upload your files:
    ftp> put file1.stl.gz
    ftp> put readme.yourcompany
  • Disconnect from the web computer:
    ftp> bye