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In all cases when data transfer security is not dictated by the customer and files are relatively small in size (less than 10 mb), sending files directly to Soligen can be as easy as attaching a file to an Email message.

Prior to sending your file(s) please follow these steps:

1. Preparation for transfer:

  • Verify the correctness and integrity of your CAD files.
  • Fill out an on line request for quotation (RFQ) or write a README file (.txt file) which includes the same information. Minimum information that we need to process an RFQ includes: your name, contact information (Email and telephone numbers where you could be reached), your part definition and cast and machined requirements (at least: alloy, quantity and requested delivery schedule).
  • Compress your data files using an error-correcting program such as PKZIP, GZIP or WinZip. If security is desired files can be password protected, and you can either notify us by a different Email message or by phone the uncompression password.
  • If using Outlook, make sure that your mail format is set to plain text or HTML, not Rich Text Format. This option is accessable from Tools -> Options -> Mail Format.

2. Email the compressed file to files@soligen.com