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Secured transfer to/from DaimlerChrysler (Autoweb)

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    it's what we make possible!

Soligen Inc. has a secure connection to/from DaimlerChrysler through AUTOWEB. This connection enables us to seamlessly download or upload CATIA files.

1. Prepare for transfer:

  • Verify the correctness and integrity of your CAD files. Soligen operates in-house CATIA V5.14.and is able to receive CATIA, STEP, IGES or STL files.

2. Transfer files

  • Use CCXi to place a file(s) in our mailbox. Our mailbox ID is CXISOLINOR001.

3. Notify Soligen's sales representative

Fill out an online RFQ (RFQ) or send an email which includes your name, contact information and your part requirements (at least: alloy, quantity and requested delivery schedule).