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In-house CAD Capabilities and Acceptable CAD formats

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The following are the CAD systems that we operate in house:

1. Unigraphics Version NX 2, NX 1, v18
2. SDRC I-DEAS version 10NX

3. Catia version 5.14
4. Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2, Wildfire, 2001
5. Cimatron version 12.2
6. AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 6

In addition to the above native CAD files Soligen can accept files in the following formats:

2. STL -Binary STL file (byte count should end in 34 or 84)
4. Parasolid Files
5. DWG

Creating STL files: Soligen's DSPC process involves thin layers of a ceramic powder. Setting your chordal deviation smaller than .002 inch will add very little to the accuracy of your part.

README files: In order to assist Soligen in identifying your files it is highly recommended to attach a readme.txt file to data files sent. The TXT file should list the DATA file names, the CAD format (Native name and version) and the content (example: net casting file including 3 mm of machining stock and no draft). Please include a name of the contact person and phone number to verify file transfer issues.

File Names: The file name you choose is important. Names should reflect your company name and / or specific part. Names can be any length. Please take the extra moment to convert spaces to dashes or underscores.

Data compression: Files sent as attachments must be compressed with pkzip, gzip, or Z compress (UNIX). Please do not send us self-extracting compressed files, because of the risk of viral infection.